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"Brad has been my most trusted resource for personal well-being. I’ve found that he's able to skillfully merge his natural gifts with his depth of education and background to assist me in moving forward through deep personal growth, professional engagement toward change and relationship health. It has been a pleasure for me to experience his work as his delivery is specific, tangible and given from a place of a deeply connected heart and gentle kindness. I continue working with Brad as it is an ever-adapting, forward moving journey."


Personal & Professional Development - Client

"Brad has been a strategic mentor to me through various executive and entrepreneurial pursuits. His analysis and solution driven approach deliver tangible results; different from so many in the field of consulting. By providing tangible frameworks for understanding entrepreneurial drivers in both my business and personal life, Brad has played a huge part in helping refine my decision-making processes."


Personal, Professional & Entrepreneurial Development - Client

"Prior to working with Brad, I often found myself frustrated because my goals and potential weren’t reflected in my results. Brad was able to help me identify what was blocking my success and create some steps to not only help me overcome those obstacles, but also allow me to be a more confident person and effective leader. Brad’s professionalism, demeanor and attention to detail turned what I thought would be a difficult process into an enjoyable experience with a successful outcome."


Personal, Professional & Leadership Development - Client

"I have known Brad for almost twenty years. He has considerable skills of listening, empathy and wisdom. He also has strong problem solving abilities which he applies to both individual and corporate situations - I've referred many people to him for guidance. With strength of character and grounded faith I have seen in few others, he has lived with profound authenticity while journeying through many deep and difficult life experiences. I consider him a friend who speaks truth into my life. I have great respect for Brad and highly recommend him."


Rev. Norm Backhouse, Spiritual Director, Soul Care - Strategic Alliance Partner




Applied psychology is a unique mixture of the art and science of psychological structures and insights. It reveals and evokes our deepest human potential, transforming psychological understandings into enhanced real-life outcomes. 

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Life by design.

I prefer to live an intentionally designed life, moving towards the most meaningful outcomes, turning the power of choice into a lifestyle. This is a continual proactive process requiring change, adaptation, and growth.


Of course life has its way of throwing curve balls, reducing choice to "less-than" options... which yes, absolutely sucks. In my experience however, I've noticed the critical necessity of acknowledging life's sucker-punch moments as the defining moments they are, yet refusing to let them define the ongoing trajectory, by reclaiming personal authorship no matter how bleak the circumstance.

Dancing in partnership with life I've learned to co-author my story, and I find great reward in helping others do the same. I believe in the notion that even though life may be something that happens to us, we have the power through intentional response to make it happen for us.


Within my personal and professional life I'm continually refining and being refined. I haven't only spent a lifetime studying our human condition; I've spent a lifetime living it. I have the profound privilege of utilizing my advanced degrees in psychology to help people and organizations evolve into their fullest expression, alignment, and richest potential.

Brad Kauffman B.A., M.A., CCC

Applied Psychology Expert.

Strategic Psychotherapist & Executive Coach.

Canadian Certified Counsellor.

Personal, Professional, & Organizational Excellence Specialist.

Brad Kauffman, Edmonton Alberta, Edmonton Executive Coach


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