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Narcissism and narcissistic abuse are on the rise in our culture. These factors have a profound and damaging impact on interpersonal relationships and psychological well-being.

If you typically find harmony with people in your world but feel there's a difficult person in your life that you just can't seem to get through to, it's possible you may be dealing with someone on the narcissistic spectrum. You may not fully realize that you're in a potentially abusive pattern or situation. Nonetheless, just as you do with everyone else in your life, you strive to achieve some level of resolve and harmony, but... no matter how hard you try, through kindness and understanding, you just can't break through nor establish the connection you hope for or once had with this individual. This can be very disorienting and confusing.

As time goes on, narcissistic traits and behaviors become more blatantly expressed on a consistent basis as you face unrealistic demands, entitlement, and exploitation. The demand for appreciation, affirmation, and praise is incessant and no matter what you do... it's never enough. Your virtues and depth of character get used against you as you continuously strive to establish some level of cooperative harmony.

Narcissistic abuse can leave you feeling isolated and alone, and this is why it's so important to unmask the narcissist in your life, and reach out for support to help you through...

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"I've been profoundly impacted by narcissistic abuse in my own personal life, so beyond my formal education and years of clinical experience, I carry deep empathy and understanding as I walk alongside individuals facing the realities of narcissistic abuse and the challenges faced on the journey of healing and recovery." - Brad Kauffman


Strategic Psychotherapist.

Canadian Certified Counsellor.

Applied Psychology Specialist.

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